Suite of Sweet Apps

Walmart recently introduced a suite of custom-built apps for associates to use in-store, allowing them to manage a variety of routine activities directly from a mobile store device. From the moment a product arrives in the back room to the second a customer finds it on the shelf, an ecosystem of data gives associates new visibility that helps them make decisions quickly & allowing them to take on more ownership of their hard work.

“These apps are about efficiency and organization. Running a Walmart store takes a lot of skill, but with the apps provided to our associates, we’re better connected to everything we need to be.” 
~ Rissa Pittman | Store Manager | Rogers, Arkansas

The Suite of Apps

The PlanIT App

This is the information hub that associates can use to stay up-to-date on company and store announcements. 

PlanIT helps store managers focus on efficiency. They can use the app to notify department managers of projects that need to be done that day and specific tasks required. The app also empowers all associates to receive information directly from Walmart’s home office that was previously provided only to management.

The Receiving App

With the simple scan of a truck ID, the Receiving App tells backroom associates exactly which products have just arrived at the store. Not only does this eliminate time previously spent manually reviewing the inventory, but it also simplifies the planning process required to know which items need to head to the sales floor.

The Downstock App

Once the merchandise is on the shelf, associates need to make sure it’s available throughout the day for customers to find. You may have seen our Bossa Nova shelf scanner, a technology that roams the aisles, automatically gathering data to identify items that are out of stock and where to find them in the store. That information is then directly sent to associates through the Downstock app, eliminating the amount of time spent on mundane tasks and allowing more time to be spent helping customers find what they need. Robot scanning shelves in a Walmart pharmacy

The Price Change App

Price changing is another time-consuming task that we’ve addressed, one that sometimes required associates to spend minutes walking back and forth between aisles to locate items. With the Price Change app, information about product price changes are categorized by aisle so that associates receive them in the order they should be made, creating an efficient path through the store. Accurate pricing allows customers to make informed decisions on the products they want, and the Price Change app increases accuracy while drastically minimizing the time associates spend on the task. An associate uses the Price Change app on a mobile device.

The Availability App

The Availability app gives associates insight into how they're store is performing over time. It automates information about products that are out of stock and shows the associate specifically what time the out-of-stock occurred. Knowing this lets associates compare the store’s performance before and after outs occur and determines the root cause – such as staffing issues, shelf capacity or product availability. An associate uses the Availability app on a mobile device.

The Claims App

When customers return a product to the store, there are many options associates have for handling the merchandise. The Claims app outlines the best options available for a product, in the order, they should be considered. More specifically, can the product be sold at a clearance price, can it be donated or does it need to be disposed of? The app removes the guesswork out of managing returned products. Associate scans in items for a customer using Mobile Express Returns.

The Sales App

The Sales app updates a store’s sales numbers in real time so that associates know how there designated areas are performing against the previous year, down to specific products. With information about top-selling categories in each department, associates are motivated to track their accomplishments so they can stay competitive with other stores in their market