Walmart associates, officers & alumni take special pride in their commitment to support each other.

What began with Sam Walton's conviction to stand by associates has today become the Associates in Critical Need Trust (ACNT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides charitable grants up to $1,500 to associates in crisis. ACNT's mission is to provide financial assistance to cover basic needs for Walmart associates who have experienced extreme financial difficulty through no fault of their own.


Since its inception in 2001, the Associates in Critical Need Trust has distributed more than 149,000 grants to associates in need, totaling over $139 million.


This is all possible because of your support and we couldn’t do it without you!


How does ACNT work when someone needs help?

After one year of employment, associates experiencing financial hardship due to an unforeseen crisis are eligible to apply for a grant up to $1,500.

What types of critical need are included in order for associates to qualify?

ACNT may provide assistance to associates who have experienced a recent, unexpected, unavoidable event that caused a financial crisis.

How do the matching donations work?
  • The Walmart Foundation matches contributions dollar-to-dollar up to $2 million annually.
  • For every $1 given to WALPAC, Walmart donates $2 to ACNT.
How will my donation be used?
  • 100 percent of donations go to supporting ACNT and its mission to provide assistance to associates experiencing financial hardship as a result of an unforeseen event.
  • Walmart covers the cost of administering the program.
Is $1,500 even enough to make a difference?
  • Grants given to associates through ACNT have a tremendous impact on associates struggling through extreme situations. In fact, a research report produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation cited a finding that the ability to borrow $500 in an emergency can do as much to reduce hardship as tripling family income.
  • Relatively small grants from ACNT can help an associate bridge that financial gap caused by unexpected tragedies. This support may keep a family from losing needed resources (home, car, utilities, access to medical care, etc.). When you give to ACNT, you help provide a little peace of mind while a family or associate recovers from serious illness, natural disaster or family crisis.
Who do I contact with questions about donating to the ACNT campaign?

If you have questions about donating to the campaign, please contact the ACNT team at

If you would like to apply for an ACNT grant, please speak with your manager, visit the ACNT site, or contact the ACNT Team at 1-800-530-9925.
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