eComm PPO Plan
Low costs and 90% coverage for associates working in select areas.
You get low costs and extensive coverage with a plan designed especially for eCommerce associates working in certain locations.

Great coverage that’s easy to pay for.


Low copays

Pay just $15 for
primary care visits and
$25 for specialists.


Low deductibles

You pay only $300
or $600 until the plan kicks
in to cover 90% of your
eligible expenses.


Complete coverage

Coverage that matches or exceeds
our national plans, plus chiropractic, infertility
treatment, transgender benefits, and more.

Preventive care

You get 100% coverage for preventive care when you see doctors in your network. This includes things like annual checkups, vaccinations, and mammograms.

Simple copays

Copays make it easy to plan for medical costs, and you don’t need to meet your deductible first.

  • $15 for primary care, in-network, or online doctor visits with Teladoc
  • $25 for specialists
  • $25 for behavioral health visits, in-network, or online with Teladoc
  • $50 for urgent care and emergency room visits
Other care

You’ll pay the full cost for any additional care you receive until you meet your deductible — $300 or $600 depending on who you cover. After that, the plan pays 90% of all in-network costs and 75% of all out-of-network costs.

Affordable prescriptions
  • Generic drugs: $10
  • Brand-name drugs: $30
  • Specialty drugs: $30
Annual deductible

Your annual network deductible is just $300 for yourself, or $600 for yourself and your dependents. This is the amount you’ll have to spend on Aetna network providers each year before the plan starts paying 90% of the cost.

Your total cost

The maximum amount you can spend out of pocket is $1,500 for yourself or $3,000 for yourself and your dependents. Once you reach this amount, all your in-network visits and other costs will be covered at 100%.

Cost per paycheck

To get a breakdown of your costs, see our Compare Plans page.

Who’s eligible?

This plan is designed specifically for our eCommerce associates and is offered only to associates working in certain locations. To see if you’re eligible, ask your People Partner or use the Plan Availability Tool.

When can I enroll?
  • During your initial enrollment period. This is when you first become eligible for benefits, and it depends on your job classification. Check your enrollment options.
  • During Annual Enrollment, when all eligible associates can sign up or make changes.
  • When you have a status change event, like marriage or divorce, a birth or an adoption, or changes in your employment that affect benefits coverage. Keep in mind you can only make changes that are directly related to the event. You’ll find details in the 2020 Associate Benefits Book with 2021 Summary of Material Modifications.
  • If you’re enrolled in Medicare Part D, you’re not eligible to enroll in any Walmart-sponsored medical plan.

When it’s time, enroll online.


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