Hawaii Benefits
Local coverage designed just for you.
If you’re an associate in Hawaii, you have special coverage, including a choice of HMO plans and different rules about eligibility.

Two plans just for Hawaii.



HMSA offers comprehensive
care and services, serving
Hawaii only.


Kaiser Hawaii

Kaiser Permanente is
one of the nation's
leading HMOs.


Other benefits

The rest of your options are
the same as those for our
mainland associates.

Plan details

You can also ask your People Partner for details.

Cost per paycheck

To get a breakdown of your costs, see our Compare Plans page.

When can I enroll?
  • Any time after your first paycheck and before your effective date.
  • During Annual Enrollment, when all eligible associates can sign up or make changes.
  • When you have a status change event, like marriage or divorce, a birth or an adoption, or changes in your employment that affect benefits coverage. Keep in mind you can only make changes that are directly related to the event. You’ll find details in the 2020 Associate Benefits Book with 2021 Summary of Material Modifications.
  • If you’re enrolled in Medicare Part D, you’re not eligible to enroll in any Walmart-sponsored medical plan.

When it’s time, enroll online.

When does coverage start?
  • Management associates: Coverage starts on your date of hire.
  • Hourly associates: Coverage starts on whichever milestone comes first:
    • The first day of the pay period following a period of working at least 20 hours per week for four consecutive weeks; OR
    • The first day of the calendar month during which your 89th day of continuous employment falls.

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